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Chapter 3: The babysitter and the brother

It was 7:00 and the doorbell rang, it was Derik, of course it wasn't a surprise, he was after all Blake's babysitter tonight.  Blake's mom answered it in a blue dress, her curly shoulder length dirty blonde hair flowing a little past her shoulders, and her hazel eyes sparkling from all the make-up she was wearing.
"Good evening Mrs. Shifter, you look nice tonight," Derik said amazed that she was taller than him in her high heels, since he was one of the tallest boys at his school.
"Why thank you Derik, now I'll be home around 11 and even though your teenage Blake's boyfriend, you're not baby Blake's boyfriend, so no kissing," Mrs. Shifter said.
"Got it Mrs. S," Derik said.

"Remember to change him when he wets his diaper, his bedtimes 8:30, if he gets thirsty there's a bottle in the fridge, and NO PG-13 or R-rated movies while he's a baby. And remember NO SEX. GO IT!"

"Got it Mrs. S," Derik replied.

"OK if you need anything you know my number," Mrs. Shifter said as she walked over to her car and drove away.

Derik walked into the house, closed the door, and saw Blake sitting on the couch sucking on a blue pacifier, and his stuffed tiger under his arm, and wearing just a diaper. Derik walked over to his diapered boyfriend.

"Hey Blakey," Derik cooed.

Blake turned around and poked his head over the couch.

"Derik!" He said excitedly grinning through the pacifier.

"Hey baby come sit on Derik's lap," Derik said sitting next to Blake on the couch.

Blake moved over closer to Derik and sat on his lap.

"Do you really need that pacifier Blake?" Derik asked.

"No, but I like it," Blake said burrowing his head into Derik's shoulder.

"It's OK baby, Derik said, "I was just asking."

Blake pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and sat it on the coffee table in front of the couch and then he leaned in and kissed Derik. Derik pulled away from Blake and gave him a puzzled look.

"Why'd you pull away, you said I was a good kisser," Blake asked puzzled.

"Your mom said you weren't supposed to do that," Derik answered.

"So what, she's not here. She won't know. It's not like sex, it was just a kiss," Blake said going in for another one. Derik pushed Blake away.

"No baby I can't, not after what your mom said," Derik replied but Blake could tell he really wanted to kiss him.

"Fine but if I don't get a kiss I'll be a bad baby," Blake said half-jokingly.

"OK, I'll kiss you," Derik said as he leaned in and kissed him, "Now be a good baby you got your kiss."

"Don't worry Derik, I'll be a good baby," Blake cooed hopping off Derik's lap and grabbing the pacifier off the table and putting it back in his mouth.

"Blake are you mad at your mom for treating you like a baby?" Derik asked, not wanted to offend his boyfriend.

"No. Why would I be? I kind-of asked for it by writing stories about forced diapering and regression," Blake said picking up his stuffed tiger of the ground and hugging it.

Derik watched Blake play with the tiger for a while and the phone rang.

"I got it," Derik said as he got up and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" He asked into the phone.

The voice that replied back was his mother's.

"Hey, Derik can you tell Blake Dylan's Goodnite leaked all over his PJs and he needs some new ones and a new Goodnite.

"Blake Dylan needs a new Goodnite and pajamas," Derik said covering the bottom of the phone.
Dylan was Blake's younger brother, he was 11 and Blake was the older since he was 16. Dylan was all ways a bed wetter and tonight was no difference. Dylan was having a sleepover with Derik's younger brother, Matt, who was 12, one year older than him. Derik's mom all ways worried about the two of them falling in love the way Blake and Derik did.

"Did you say he needs a new Goodnite?" Blake asked.
"Yeah, why?" Derik asked back.
"Because mom told him to wear one of the cruisers we bought. They hold a lot more of his piss," Blake said.
  "Wait cruisers as in pampers," Derik said giggling a little.
"What's so funny?" Blake asked curiously.
"Matt had to wear those when he got a bladder infection last year and he started wetting the bed," Derik said.
"Tell your mom we'll be over in 20 minutes," Blake said getting up and walking into Dylan's room.

Dylan's room looked like any 11 year olds room it had baby blue walls, with bed sheets to match, movie and TV posters, and 2 dressers one long one short. Blake walked over to the short dresser and opened the top drawer and moved some of Dylan's tighty whiteys to the right to reveal a hidden stack of Goodnites and Pampers Cruisers size 7s. Blake grabbed two of the pampers and set them on the top of the dresser. He then opened the opened the second drawer to and pulled out a blue t-shirt with Superman's emblem on it and some red and blue plaid pajama pants. Blake then put what he pulled out of the drawer and onto Dylan's bed and walked to his closet and pulled out a backpack. Blake put the pajama pants in first, then the t-shirt, and finally the cruisers. He also added baby oil and powder to the pouches on the side. He then walked out of the room with the bag and saw Derik wasn't on the phone anymore and was about to asked Derik for the keys to his car so he could load up the bags he peed into his diaper. Bake blushed and his cheeks turned rosy red.

"UUUHHH Derik I need a change," Blake said looking down at his now wet diaper.

"Really you peed?" Derik asked sarcastically since it was now obvious Blake was wet because he could see that the wetness indicator on Blake's diaper turned blue.

"Yes. Now hurry up and change me, so we go," Blake said.

Derik walked over to the coffee table in the living room, picked up the blue pacifier laying on it stuck it in Blake's mouth and led him into his room. Derik had Blake lay on the floor and he grabbed a box of wet wipes, baby powder, and a fresh diaper off Blake's dresser. Derik pulled up Blake's shirt, untapped the diaper, slid it out from under him, wiped his genitals with a wet wipe, slid the new diaper under his butt, powered his crouch area, pulled the front of the diaper in-between his legs, and tapped up the sides.

"There you go all clean," Derik cooed.

"Thanks Derik, so can we leave now?" Blake asked starting to stand up.

"Well we better get a diaper bag for you mister. I don't want to have to leave you in a dirty diaper if I can help it," Derik replied. Blake blushed.

"But my mom doesn't have a diaper bag," Blake replied.

"Trust me, she does. She wouldn't put her 16 year old back in diapers and not have a diaper bag," Derik said helping Blake off the floor.

"Where would it be?" Blake asked.

"In her closet, maybe," Derik replied.

"Yeah, and it's probably blue," Blake guessed.

Derik left the room and returned with a Blue diaper bag and Mumlo, Blake's stuffed tiger. Derik handed Blake Mumlo, and went over to his dresser and opened the third drawer and pulled out a pair of Blake's jeans. Derik kneeled down to Blake's ankles and pulled the waist of the jeans open.

"Blake you need to help me get into your jeans OK," Derik said.

Blake put his legs into the leg holes of his jeans and Derik helped him shimmy into his pants. Derik then buttoned them and zipped the zipper. He then grabbed Blake's shoes and put his feet in them and tied them. Derik got up and set the diaper bag on Blake's bed. Derik opened the bag and put a large stack of diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, and another pacifier in it. Derik slung the diaper bag over his shoulder.

"Come on let's get go, you're ready. You're all covered up," Derik said. Derik grabbed the backpack that had Dylan's things in it and his keys out of his pockets. The couple walked out to the driveway and got into Derik's Blue Jeep. Blake sat in shotgun while Derik drove halfway across town to get to Derik's house. Derik's house was bigger and better than Blake's. Blake was envious of how rich Derik was, but he was still curious about why he wanted to fit in the Emo/Scene crowd and not the popular one, he certainly was rich enough. Derik pulled into the drive way of the big house and the two boys got out and walked inside and found Dylan sitting on the couch in the entryway in soaking wet pajamas. Blake took the bag meant for Dylan from Derik and walked over to the wet and sad 11 year old.

"Come on let's get you all nice and dry," Blake said grabbing the boy's hand and leading him into the nearest bathroom.

"I don't need your help cleaning myself up, putting on a new Goodnite, and some new pajamas," Dylan said.

"Were out of Goodnites so I had to bring the cruisers," Blake lied.

"Well I can tape up the sides myself," Dylan replied.

"You don't line them up properly, so they leak. And don't you let mom help you line them up," Blake said.

"Yeah, but you're not mom," Dylan protested.

"Come on let's just get this over with and just take off those wet pajamas and your Goodnite," Blake said.

Dylan obeyed and took of his pajamas and handed the wet Goodnite to Blake. Blake tossed the Goodnite in the trash can. Blake had Dylan lie on the ground so he could clean him up and diaper him.  Blake took the changing supplies out of the bag.  Blake grabbed one of the cruisers powdered it, slid the back end under Dylan's butt, powered his crotch with the baby powder, pulled up the front of the cruiser over Dylan's private parts, and taped up the sides.  Blake stood up and helped Dylan off the floor. Blake then pulled the blue t-shirt with Superman's emblem on it and the red and blue plaid pajama pants that he put in the bag for Dylan earlier.

"Here put these on," Blake said tossing the clothes at Dylan raising his arm causing his shirt to go up and making the tips of the diaper he was wearing visible. Dylan started putting on the pajama pants and then he saw it, he the tip of the diaper peeking out of Blake's Jeans.

"Are you wearing a diaper?" Dylan asked staring at Blake, curiously.

Blake was shocked. How visible was his diaper? Was it that obvious? Blake's face flushed with embarrassment. He had to come clean, even if Dylan was five years younger than him.
"Yes I am its kind-of a punishment I guess. Mom's making me wear them," Blake confessed his cheeks rosier than ever.

"Oh," Dylan said putting on the Superman shirt Blake threw at him, "Are you leaving or are you going to sleep with Derik, in his bed, and maybe have some really nice Gay sex."

"Do you know what mom would do to you if she heard you say that," Blake said.

"She'd wash my mouth out with soap, spank my ass. Oh and I just said a bad word more soap and more spankings," Dylan said in a snotty tone of voice.

"I can arrange them both. Little boy," Blake said sternly staring coldly into Dylan's bright blue eyes.

"No don't I didn't mean it, it was a joke. I swear," Dylan pleaded.

"Good, now go back to bed like a good little boy and don't give me that back-sass anymore," Blake said.

Chapter 3: A bedtime with Surprises

Dylan and Blake both exited the bathroom and Dylan ran back upstairs to Matt's room and Blake walked up to Derik.  

"Are you tired its past your 8:30 bedtime?" Derik asked.

"Yeah," Blake said yawning. Derik picked him up like a man would his wife if he was carrying her off to bed. Derik carried Blake up the chestnut colored stairs and walked along the blue and grey knitted rug until they reached the third door. Blake turned the handle and opened the door. Derik walked in still holding Blake and laid him on the black comforter on his bed. Derik walked over to his bedside table walking over piles of band t-shirts, piles of skinny jeans in a rainbow of colors and he unbutton the three spiked bracelets on his left arm and put them on his bedside table. Derik removed his shirt dropped it on the floor and walked over to his desk next to the door walking over more clothes.

"Are you ready for this?" Derik asked opening the desk drawer.

"Yes I think so. I hope so," Blake said.

"You know I know how to do this, I did it to my own lip," Derik said as he tugged on one of his two snakebites.

"Yes and remember I only want one on the left side," Blake said. Derik grabbed a black marker and threw it at Blake. Blake caught the marker.

"Go look in the mirror and put a dot on your lip where you want it," Derik said. Blake go up off Derik's bed and stood in front of the mirror on Derik's closet, uncapped the marker and put a dot right under the left part of his lip.

"I did it," Blake said. While Blake was busy marking his lip Derik was sterilizing a sewing needle and one of his extra lip rings.

"Good now sit on the bed, "Derik said. Blake sat on the bed and Derik told him to grab his lip and pull it towards him. Blake did what he was told and Derik stabbed the needle through Blake's lip on the dot Blake made on his lip.

"Ahhh," Blake shrilled in pain as the needle went through his lip. Derik jiggled the needle in Blake's lip around a little making the hole bigger.

"Ahhh," Blake shrieked again. Derik pulled the needle out whipped the blood from Blake lip and inserted the lip ring and sat down on his bed.

"Done," Derik said.

"Damn, that hurts," Blake said rubbing the part of his lip where Derik had just stabbed it.

"Of course it did, I just stabbed a needle through your lip," Derik said as he leaned in and kissed Blake on the cheek.

"What are you going to do if baby cries over the pain," Blake said in a feisty voice.

"Spank him till he stops," Derik said. Derik rolled over on top of Blake and pulled off his shirt and Blake helped him get his pants off.  Derik removed his pants, so he was only in his black boxers.  Derik patted Blake's diapered crotch.

Then, in the spur of the moment, Blake latched his hands on to Derik. He pulled Derik into a furious and passionate kiss. The warm embrace was unlike any other feeling for Blake, and he cherished every moment of it. He could feel Derik's soft lips and skin against his. He thought the moment would last forever. But it didn't. Suddenly, Derik pulled away and looked at Blake's crotch and patted it again.

"What are you doing? Waiting for me to wet it or something?" Blake asked.

"No it's just, I can't do this anymore," Derik said his voice was trembling.

"What can't you do anymore?" Blake asked.

"Be with you anymore, because you're not normal. Your little boy side is not normal. It's weird and I'm not sure I can be your boyfriend if this is who you are, and over-sized baby," Derik said.

Blake body felt weird he heard something from outside the room, and when Blake looked he saw a beam of light that shone in his eyes. The next thing knew he was on the left side of Derik's bed under his Black covers with his stuffed tiger under his arm and his pacifier in his mouth wearing nothing but a diaper. Blake rolled over and turned to Derik and shook him awake.

"Derik get up," Blake said.

Derik opened his eyes and said groggily, "Go back to bed unless you need a change."

"Go back to bed?" Blake asked.

"Yes go back to bed don't you remember me laying you down on my bed," Derik said.

"Yeah but you pierced my lip and the piercing is gone," Blake said.

"What piercing? I never pierced your lip," Derik said.

"What?" Blake asked.

"You fell asleep when I laid you down on my bed, and you just woke up," Derik said.

"Oh, I'm sorry I woke you up," Blake said.

"It's Ok Blake. Just go back to bed and if you're wet right now I'll change you. No big deal, I'm just a little cranky because of an unexpected early morning wake up call," Derik said. Blake felt his diaper and realized it was a soaked, like if it got any wetter it would leak kind-of soaked.

"I think I'll take you up on that changing offer," Blake said turning to Derik. Derik quickly Changed Blake and the two were back off to bed.

Chapter 4: The Best Morning Ever

Blake and Derik woke up to yelling voices, four to be precise, two men, two female. Blake recognized three of them. They were Blake's mom, and Derik's mom and dad. Then he started to recognize the other male voice. He started getting worried. It was his father's voice. The same man who had beat him and his mother.

Blake got scared and started to wonder, "Was that's who she was going on a date on? Is he going to be back in life? Why are they yelling at each other?"

Someone downstairs yelled, "Blake get down here now!" Blake realized it was his Father. Then sound that followed was a loud wet slap, most likely across the face. The next person who spoke was Derik's mom.

"Don't you ever lay a hand on that boy again do you understand me. Blake stay up there with Derik, were its safe, and lock the door," She yelled. Derik got out from under his covers in his black boxers and locked his door and forced his desk chair under the golden doorknob.

"Hide, if this is as bad as I think it is, "Derik said.

"How long has this been going on?" Blake asked.

"For the past hour or two maybe even more," Derik replied gloom fully.

"Oh and where are our brothers?" Blake questioned.

"With Josh, you do remember they were going to his younger brother, Mark's, birthday party right," Derik said.

"Yeah but I didn't think they'd be gone so early," Blake said. Derik walked over and opened his blinds and the bright daytime sunshine shown through the window. Derik yanked the sting next to his blinds and the closed.

"Its noon," he said. The down stairs yelling continued and there was a pounding on Derik's door. Derik grabbed his switchblade off his bedside table, that had made the sad, red, horizontal, scars on his left wrist, those many moons ago, before he had met Blake. Derik pulled the blade from the handle until it clicked and the blade was extended

"Who is it?" Derik called from behind the door.

"It's me," Derik's mom said behind the door.

"Mom is it safe to come out?" Derik asked.

"Yes honey, it's ok to come out," Derik's mother replied. Derik pulled the chair from under the doorknob and placed it back in front of his desk on the left side of the door. Derik extended his hand.

"Come on Blake," Derik said. Blake dropped his stuffed tiger and took Derik's hand.
The couple walked downstairs and was greeted by Blake's parents. Blake's father was the first to walk up and greet the two. He turned to Derik.

"Hi I'm John, Blake's dad, Mr. Shifter, call me whatever you like it doesn't matter," He said. Then he turned to his son.

"Blake I'm sorry for what I did, I'm sorry I hurt you and your mother when I was drunk, I'm sorry. Blake please forgive me," Mr. Shifter said about to cry.

Blake removed his hand from Derik's grasp and slapped his father with all his might across the face.

"Do you seriously expect you to just let me back into my life when you left one year ago the day before my birthday.

You bastard! I hate you. Not only did you leave mom and me, but you got drunk almost 24/7, and you didn't even try to get help," Blake yelled tears starting to roll down his face.

"That's where you're wrong. I got help your mother had me arrested twice in our marriage and then after the divorce I realized I needed help and went to rehab and now I don't touch the Devil's Nectar," Mr. Shifter replied tears falling down his cheeks. Blake's father opened his arms and started to hug Blake, but Blake pulled away.

"I hate you even if you did go to rehab. I'm not some little kid who needs his daddy, I have Derik and he's the only man I need in my life. Now get out of here you fucking homophobe," Blake yelled.

Blake turned around and faced Derik. Blake pushed his crying face into Derik's bare shoulder and let the tears run out of his hurt eyes. After a minute at just standing there crying in Derik's shoulder he turned around to face his father.

"Why did you come back?" Blake asked.

"Because I'm out of rehab and I missed you and your mother," Mr. Shifter said,
"Now please I know it won't be easy but please forgive me your mother already has. We're thinking about getting back together because I'm clean now."

Blake got nervous but did something he knew he should have done from the beginning of him seeing his father again, Blake ran up to his father and hugged him. Blake's dad picked him up and carried him to his green Honda where Blake's mother was waiting inside in the passenger's seat. The Honda was parked next to Derik's Jeep in the driveway.

"Wait!" Derik called running after the two getting ready to leave.

"What is it?" Mr. Shifter asked.

"You almost forgot Blake's things, I'll go fetch them for you," Derik said. Derik ran back into the house and within minutes he returned with Blake diaper bag over his right shoulder, Blake's pants and shirt across his other shoulder, Mumlo under his right arm, and his shoes in his left hand, and Derik was holding Blake's blue pacifier by its yellow ring in his mouth.

"Thank you Derik," Mr. Shifter said.

Blake's mom got out of the car, took her diapered son out of Mr.Shifter's arms and put him in the car.

"Mommy love's you Blakey boo," She cooed. Blake's dad help Derik put everything in the car and they were off. They would be going home a family, a repaired family.

Chapter 5: The Surprise

The three drove the thirteen minutes in the green Honda laughing and talking about what they'd do as a family. Now that Blake's parents were together again. One of Mr. Shifter's ideas was to order pizza and watch and age appropriate movie for Blake to celebrate their reunion as one family. One of Mrs. Shifter's ideas was to bake some cupcakes with blue frosting, Blake's favorite color. Blake only had one idea a family trip to Disneyland, something they hadn't done since before Dylan was born, it would be Dylan's first time. Blake's parents both told him they had a surprise for him.  When the green Honda pulled into the Shifter's driveway Blake's mom carried him into the house and his father took in his bag into the house. When they got in the house Blake started to walk to his room at the end of the hall when his mother stopped him and turned him around.

"Your surprise is in there, so close your eyes and no peeking," She said.

Blake shut his eyes as tight as he could and he felt he was being lifted off the ground. The hands that lifted him weren't his mother's small but strong hands they were his father's large but gentle and caring hands. Blake was carried down the hall to his room. Blake could hear his door open and when they entered Blake heard a click come from where his bed normally is. He then heard the rustle of fabric. Blake was excited and he couldn't wait to open his eyes when he was told he could. Blake was laid on his bed by his father and then Blake felt around. He felt wood; it wasn't a full plank it was missing rectangular pieces in between.

"Open your eyes," his father instructed.

Blake opened his eyes and he looked around his room. Blake looked straight ahead at his closet, it was open and he could tell that there were some babyish, tbesc clothes in his closet. He looked to up to his left and followed a mural of baby animals around his room. He looked to his right, his long dresser that was against his windows had some sort of plastic covered cushion on it with babyish prints; it had been converted into a changing table. Then Blake noticed he was in a rectangular barred off area. His bed had bars on it now; it had been converted to a crib. Blake bounced up and down happily in his new crib.
Blake's mother and father had loving and caring expressions on their faces. Blake's father walked up toward the crib and handed him his tiger plushie and knelt down and picked a book from Blake's bookcase. The cover of the book read 'Baby's first story book'.  Blake's mother left the room and returned with a bottle full of apple juice, she handed Blake the bottle. Then she proceeded to put Blake to bed. Blake didn't start drinking from his bottle until his father started to read him a story from the book. Blake father told him the story of Alice and her crazy adventures in Wonderland. Halfway through the story Blake peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Blake woke up with the sound of feet shuffling on the carpet. When Blake went to sit up he saw two familiar faces above him Dylan, his younger brother and Matt, Derik's younger brother and Dylan's best friend.

"Hi you two," Blake said groggily.

"Mom said it was time for dinner, "Dylan said.

Blake went to unlatch the bars of his modified crib/bed when Matt slapped his hand away.

"Your mom said we had to do this part," Matt replied. Matt and Dylan unlatched the crib and Blake got out and walked into the dining room. There was an opened pizza box with a half vegetarian combo and half pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and mushrooms. Blake took a piece of the from the pepperoni side and took a bite. Then Blake heard a very special familiar voice from behind him say,"How'd my baby sleep."

Blake turned around, it was Derik.

Blake kissed him and asked, "What's going on here? Are we having a party?"

Chapter 6: Baby Derik

"Yes we are, but it's just a little one. It's to celebrate your parents reunion and you, the new baby," Derik said.

"Oh. So what do you wanna do? Besides lose our virginity," Blake said.

Derik rubbed his chin and thought for a second. "I don't know, Maybe I should play babysitter with you, or maybe you can convince me to be your playmate."

Blake's eyes got big and excited, but part of him didn't want the offer. His little side did want a playmate or babysitter, but his teen side didn't.  He decided to go with his baby side.

"You mean it; you mean you'd really be my playmate?" Blake asked Derik.

"Yeah baby, I'd be your playmate," Derik said ruffling Blake's hair. Blake's mom and walked into the room and his mom picked up Blake and his dad picked up Derik.

"I heard Derik wanted to be your playmate, Blakey," Blake's mom said.

"You two were eavesdropping on us weren't you?" Derik asked in Mr. Shifter's arms.

"Of course we were. I'm glad you two didn't decide to have sex on the table," Blake's dad said.

"Hey we're not whores," Blake and Derik said in unison.

Then they looked at each other and laughed.

"Of course you not come here," Blake's dad said carrying Derik to Blake's room.

Blake's mom carried Blake behind his father into his room. Derik was set on the Blake's long dresser that had been converted into a changing table and Blake was set on the ground while his mom pulled two onesies out of Blake's closet. The onesies were baby blue with navy blue sleeves; the other was red with maroon sleeves. Blake's mom threw the red onesie to her husband who caught it and threw it over his shoulder and she put the blue onesie on Blake and ran her red fingernails through his long brown hair. Blake's father undid Derik's studded belt and the button on his pants and he pulled them off him, he then pulled off his black v-neck and black boxers. Blake's dad then diapered Derik and put the red onesie on him. Mr. Shifter then handed Derik a polar bear plushie and set him in the crib. Then Blake's dad put Blake in the crib. Blake looked at Derik and hugged him with a huge smile on his face.

Chapter 7: Baby Time with Derik

"We'll be back in a minute with your bottles, OK," Blake's mom said,"Come on John."

Then Mr. and Mrs. Shifter left the two boys alone in the crib in the middle of the room. Blake looked up at Derik in hi now babyish apparel and giggled.  

"What?" Derik asked looking down at himself and he opened his legs a little to help the new padding in between his legs feel more natural.

"You look cute," Blake said.

Derik started to play with the polar bear plushie Blake's dad had given to him. Blake leaned in and bit the polar bear's ear.

"Hey!" Derik yelled.

Derik pulled the plushie close to him. Blake went and grabbed the polar bear's front paws and tugged. Derik held on to the back paws and they started fighting over it.

"Come on Blake let go," Derik said.

"Mine," Blake said.

"No! Mine," Derik cried.

Derik let go of one of the polar bears legs and Grabbed Blake's hair and tugged.

"Ouch!" Blake cried.

Blake let go of the polar bear and Derik let go of his hair.

"Mine," Derik said. Derik held the white bear close. "Bubo, mine," Derik said.

"I won't touch Bubo anymore. Sorry Derik," Blake said.

"Blake it's OK. You were just playing," Derik said, "I know your baby sides taken over a little more since your mom started treating you this way."

"I love you and the fact that you're so understanding it's a bonus," Blake said. Blake's parents came back into the room with two bottles of milk. Blake's mom walked up to the crib and looked through the bars at Derik and Blake.

She then looked up at Derik and asked him, "Would you like to feed Blake his bottle? And would you like to be fed yours or you can do it yourself?"

"I'll feed myself Mrs. Shifter, and I'd be glad to feed Blake," Derik said politely.

"Ok then Derik," She said and she handed Derik both bottles.

Derik set his down and laid Blake's head over his knees, he then placed the bottle in Blake's mouth and let the warm milk come out of the nipple and down Blake's throat.

In a few minutes the bottle was empty and Derik starting to drink his. Blake played with Mumlo, his tiger and Bubo, Derik's polar bear. When Derik was done with his bottle he took his polar bear from Blake and the two started playing together.

They giggled, they played with each other's feet, they had a pillow fight, they wrestled in the crib, and they exhausted themselves and they decided to take a nap.

The boys were sleeping peacefully in there crib when Derik and Blake's parents entered the room. They saw the boys in the crib and thought, Awe how cute."

Derik's mom and dad entered the nursery and Blake's parents waited in the doorway. Derik's mom lowered the crib bars and Derik's dad picked up the sleeping Derik. Derik was still asleep in his father's arms when Blake woke up and looked confused at Derik's parents.

"Were you taking my boyfriend?" Blake asked groggily seeing the sleeping Derik in his father's arms.

"Blake its 12:00, Matt's asleep in the car and obviously Derik's asleep in my arms. We're going home," Derik's dad said.

"Oh, I didn't realize it was that late," Blake said.

"Yeah you two slept for a long time," Mrs. Shifter aid from the door.

"If you don't mind we'd better get the boys home," Derik's mom said.

Blake watched his parents, Derik's parents and Derik leave the room. A few moments later Blake could hear Derik's parents Lamborghini drive out of their driveway. Blake heard the door close and his parents entered the room. Blake's dad picked him up out of his crib and set him on the changing table. Blake knew he was wet, he'd wet it while him and Derik were having the pillow fight. Blake's dad changed him into a thicker nighttime diaper and put him back to bed in his crib.

Blake woke up the next morning with the sun in his eyes. He sat up in his crib and he went to undo the latch to let himself. He found that there was a lock on the latch and he wouldn't be able to get out on his own. Blake fumbled with the lock and then he finally gave up. He kneeled in front of the bars and started shaking them. Blake's dad went in and took him out of his crib. Blake wasn't wet so he was left in his thicker nighttime diaper. Blake was carried to the living room where Dylan was playing with some action figures on the floor. Blake was sat next to Dylan.

Dylan looked up at his dad and complained, "Do I really have to share with the baby. He'll ruin my toys?"

"He won't ruin your toys, he is still mostly sixteen you know," Mar. Shifter said.

"But," Dylan said before he was cut off by his father who said, "Dylan Landon Shifter, let your brother play with your toys he won't break them. You two need to bond. Your mother told me lately you to have been fighting and trying to stay away from each other. Knock it off and play with your dolls," Blake's dad roared.

Dylan handed Blake a Batman and a Joker action figure and the two started playing with them together. The boys played until about noon when the Derik's family arrived. Derik and Matt went over to great Blake and Dylan. Blake got off his padded bottom and waddled a little towards Derik.

"Hey there little guy," Derik said. Blake hugged Derik.

"I hoped you'd come by and see me again," Blake said.

"Well I came by to bring this back," Derik said. Derik pulled the maroon onesie he wore when he was being Blake's playmate out from his backpack.

"How was it?" Blake asked.

"Pretty comfortable and the fact that I was wearing my toilet was a bonus," Derik said. Blake laughed a little.

"Would you do it again," Blake asked.

"Definitely," Derik replied. Blake leaned in and kissed Derik.

"Hey would you be willing to go see a movie with me tonight?" Derik asked.

"Sure, "Blake said.
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that was a great stories love to hear more
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